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Natural thirds

Upper harmonics

Dig-EkMelion VST

You no longer have to limit your music to the 12 semitones known to western music!

Dig-EkMelion VST® is the perfect tool to compose and play microtonal music. Create exciting new tracks with ease by using common control commands within the widespread MIDI protocol standard provided by all PC-based DAWs and VST hosts. Thanks to the built-in, ready-to-use microtone and control modes, you are now able to effortlessly control up to 72 (Twelfth), 36 (Sixth) or 24 (Quarter) equal-tempered microtones per musical octave with your existing music-producing gear. Dig-EkMelion therefore allows you to use:

  • velocity
  • velocity in combination with soft and sostenuto pedals
  • octave-sorted key groups
  • the modulation wheel or the pitch-bend wheel

all without sacrificing the original MIDI control via compoundable special modes. In addition, the application-oriented GUI also supports your musical workflow. Eye-catching features, like mouse gestures, function hints, assignable automation, and highlighted animation effects, are all implemented directly into the graphical controls! Do not fear a learning curve, for the hint bars display all adjustable control values and real-time track information in three different modes of the recently played microtones help you fluently enrich your sound.

Widen your harmonic horizon today! Get the free trial version, “Dig-EkMelion Beta VST”, in the download section below!